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Yesterday, the metal market was red, fat, green and thin, with Lun copper up nearly 0.7%, Lun aluminum down nearly 0.7%, Lun zinc up nearly 0.6%, Lun nickel up nearly 1.4%, Lun tin down nearly 0.1%, and Lun lead up nearly 0.9%. Lun copper rose on Wednesday as China, a major metal consumer, released strong manufacturing data, and the market expected the us to increase infrastructure spending. However, the strength of the US dollar   ...
*US bond yields are expected to rise for the fourth consecutive month
*The U.S. dollar fell from its highest level in nearly five months
*Gold prices are set to fall for the third consecutive month
*Palladium is expected to record its best monthly performance since February 2020
March 31 (Reuters) - gold rose more than 1% on Wednesday, driven by a fall in the U.S. dollar, but high U.S. Treasury yields are still expected to see its biggest quarterly decline in more than four years....
  In the first two months of 2021, China's copper scrap imports surged by 60% year on year to 191720 tons.
A new import system to reclassify scrap iron as a "resource" came into effect last November, removing high-level copper recyclables from the currently banned list of "solid waste".
China has always been the world's largest buyer of copper scrap, but as China's customs authorities steadily tighten the purity threshold of metal scrap during 2018-2020, imports seem to be in danger of disappearing completely....
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Rolled metal is often used in construction, industry, and agriculture. Such reinforcements are used in reinforced concrete structures, as supports for channels and round steel for the production of metal utensils and for laying pipes in public networks. Also in the ranges and metal sheets used for stamping, roofing and fencing. All these are metal products made by hot or cold processing on rolling mills.
Fittings ;
Seamless and profiled tubes.
Channels and beams.
Galvanized and steel sheets, as well as corrugated cardboard.
Bars and corners
Squares and circles.
Metal wire ;
Masonry mesh and nets ;
Advantages of cooperation
Our metal warehouses offer the following advantages of cooperation.
Large selection of rolled steel from our own warehouse. Always up-to-date in the catalog.
Direct delivery. We supply the material ourselves and do not entrust it to intermediaries, so the work is organized in the most accurate way and does not include deadlines.
Additional cutting service. You can even order one meter of round or shaped products from us. The minimum purchase is 1 running table and the maximum purchase is limited only by your needs.
Metal i v. Competitive pricesWe are confident that our prices will be a fantastic find for you.
Fast shipping and delivery - both in the city and in the region.
Flexible payment options. You don't have to adapt to our conditions, we can adapt to

Product Features
You can buy new and used metal products from us. We offer the possibility of cutting to the required size, delivery and payment on the spot for cutting. You can order at least 1 meter for tables, profiles, pipes. We will cut them to any size and deliver the machine to your address in the area.

You can also order the necessary parts or blanks made of rolled metal in our production facilities. Today, we can purchase not only rolled metal, but also any complex metal structure that

Main benefits for our customers
Our customers often become regular customers, because we offer very favorable terms of cooperation.

Stable partnership and attractive prices. In our company all rolled metal is stored in our own warehouse and we use our own equipment for cutting, assembling and loading.
Wide range of goods in stock. We offer our customers an extended catalog with all types of rolled metal products, from plates to pipes, from bars to I-beams.
Fastest shipping and delivery times. We are not associated with intermediaries. Our company has its own fleet of loading and unloading cranes and trucks. All this helps to meet your orders with constant quality and speed.
Complete documentation support for the transaction, including reconciliation, certificates, cover letters.
Individual solutions for all packaging, delivery, cutting and processing additional services.
Possibility to develop deferred payment agreements. Tailor-made flexible payment systems to meet your business needs.
If you have been with us for a long time and pay for all deliveries on time, the management can provide you with shipment by "call" only on applications received by phone, i.e. without prepayment. Therefore, it is possible to work with organizations that have never ordered rolled metal from us but have a good reputation in the business world and can mention various companies.

We ensure that your purchase is secure, so you can rely on us. The best confirmation of our word is the reputation of the company and our regular customers. In addition, we offer a comprehensive warranty for all metal products.