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28 August 2019
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14 August 2019
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13 August 2019
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In the construction, industrial, agricultural industries, rolled metal is often used. This reinforcement for reinforced concrete structures, and channel channels used as supports, and round steel, necessary in the production of metalware, and pipes used in the laying of utility networks. Also in the range and metal sheets used for stamping, roofing and fencing. All these are metal products made on a rolling mill by hot or cold processing. Metal rolling in Kharkov is offered in a wide assortment and at an optimal cost.

seamless and profile pipes;
channel and beams;
galvanized and steel sheets, as well as corrugated board;
strip and corner;
square and circle;
masonry net and netting;
Our metal warehouse in Kharkov provides the following advantages of cooperation:

Huge selection of rolled steel from our own warehouse. Always up to date in the catalog.
Direct deliveries. We ourselves deliver the materials, and do not entrust it to intermediaries, so the work is organized with maximum accuracy, and deadlines are excluded.
Additional cutting services. You can order even one running meter of round or profile products from us. The minimum batch of purchases is 1 running meter, the maximum is limited only by your needs.
Competitive prices for metal i v. We are sure that our prices will be a wonderful discovery for you.
Fast shipment and delivery - both in the city and in the region.
Flexible payment schemes. You do not have to adapt to our conditions, we adapt to your tasks and helps to solve them with ease.
You can buy new and used metal products from us. We provide cutting to the desired size, delivery and the possibility of payment on the spot. You can order at least 1 running meter of a sheet, profile, pipe. We cut into any size, deliver our machines to your address within the region.

You can also order the necessary parts or blanks made from rolled metal at our production facilities. Today, we can not only buy rolled metal , but also order metal structures of any complexity,

Our customers often become regular customers, since we offer very favorable terms of cooperation:

Stable partnership and attractive prices. In our company, all rolled metal is stored in our own warehouse, and we use our own equipment for cutting, assembling and loading.
Huge assortment of goods in stock. We offer our customers an expanded catalog with various types of rolled metal products, from sheets to pipes, from rebar to I-beams.
The fastest possible shipment and delivery. We are not connected with intermediaries. Our company has its own loading cranes and a fleet of trucks. All this helps to fulfill your orders with constant quality and speed.
Full documentary support of the transaction, including reconciliation statements, certificates, cover letters.
An individual solution to all issues of packaging, delivery, additional services for cutting and processing.
Possibility of drawing up an agreement for a deferred payment. Flexible payment systems tailored to the needs of your business.
If you have been cooperating with us for a long time and pay all batches of delivered goods on time, then managers can provide you with shipment “by call”, that is, without prepayment, only on the basis of an application received by phone. Thus, it is possible to organize cooperation with those who have never ordered rolled metal from us, but who have a good reputation in the business world and can provide recommendations from leading metal sellers in Kharkov.

We keep your purchases safe, so you can rely on us. The best confirmation of our words is the reputation of the company and our regular customers. In addition, we provide a full quality guarantee for all stainless steel products.
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